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Preventative Formulas Erie

Each day, we are exposed to a variety of environmental elements such as sunlight, smoke and air pollution. Exposure to these elements over time can contribute to lines, wrinkles and pigmentation of your skin. In more serious conditions, these elements can also lead to skin cancer. SkinCeuticals has developed a comprehensive topical anti-oxidant line to help prevent signs of aging and the onset of more serious skin conditions.

Eye Gel AOX+ – Designed for the sensitive area around the eyes, Eye Gel AOX+ is a gentle and fast-absorbing serum which neutralizes free radicals and defends against environmental damage to prevent premature signs of aging.

Serum 20 AOX+ – Created to deliver maximum amounts of vitamin C to your skin, Serum 20 AOE+ is formulated with advanced anti-oxidant technology to battle harmful environmental elements. This formula is lightweight and fast absorbing and is made to protect and restore healthy looking skin.

C + AHA – A two-in-one formula, C + AHA is a combination of UVA/UVB ray protection, collagen production stimulation, and exfoliation to reveal and create a more youthful appearance.

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