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Skin Care Treatments Erie

Skin Cueticals are best for maintaining healthy skin. Dr. Bergqvist worked as a resident at Duke University.  Dr. Pinnell, the dermatologist who created this line which was patented as the Duke antioxidant.  It is best used when you have been evaluated to know which cream will target you skin type and problem areas.  Skin care is essential in maintaining moisture, protection against sun and even regenerated cells.  This line carries retinol creams that help exfoliate, sunscreens, vitamin C & E ferulic, Phyto, pigment reducing, and lip care, and cleansers for younger looking skin.

Neocutis   is a European skin care line developed in Switzerland based on the utilization of human stem cells. This line has sunscreens and regenerating creams that Dr. Bergqvist feels work in conjunction with the other skin care lines, reverse aging, help reduce scars. It is unique and exceptional.

Chemical peels Dr. Bergqvist administers his own TCA peels if he feels his lasers would not be an option. This is a very deep peel and should only be administered by a plastic surgeon. This peel removes years of sun damage and even precancerous areas.  It’s an in-office treatment and there is 7-14 days of redness and peeling.

Many of Doctor Bergqvist’s skin care techniques involve a combination of his lasers and prescribed creams based on his years of experience and his current research. A dedicated patient will have the best results.

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