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Cosmetic Non-surgical Treatments Erie

How does a Non-surgical or non-invasive procedure differ from one that might be a surgical option?

Dr. Bergqvist Currently has the largest arsenal of medical technology when It comes to lasers and non-invasive procedures. He Currently has the state of the art equipment to perform non-invasive techniques that apply to cosmetic and medical procedures. He can determine whether or not a non-surgical option will be best for you. He only wants his patients to have good results and in some cases, a surgical option will produce the best result and in other cases, such as our procedures listed below, he may recommend these to a patient for many reasons. Each patient is different and has different needs which is why a consultation is important. Dr. Bergqvist has done extensive research and investigation on the non-invasive technology he chooses to use and knows these deliver real results. In many cases, these work for patients who don’t want any downtime and need to minimize wrinkles, areas of subcutaneous fat, or tighten the face or body. In either situation, he has the experience of treating thousands of patients for hundreds of reasons. His experience and training are unparalleled in the field of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. In many cases, a combination of injectables and non-invasive technology for skin tightening can make a person look years younger!

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