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Fat Grafting Erie

Fat grafting is a viable option for plastic surgery in many areas. Fat grafting can be used to fill areas that lack volume and to enhance. Micro grafting in scars can sometimes improve an old scar. Before the advent of fillers, native fat grafting was often used.

Fat grafting has had a resurgence and new techniques have improved outcomes.

The Biggest problem with fat grafting is the need for a donor site and that one often must overfill since not all fat survives the process. Because of this, swelling beyond the desired effect can last several months and in some cases several sessions are needed.

Fat grafting in areas of the Face :

Eyelids upper

Sometimes an eyelift is not the answer! fat grafting can help give a better
Appearance of the upper eyelid if you lack natural fullness and have hollowness and sunken in eyes .

Eyelids lower

An eyelift is not always the answer here either. When we mature the lower eyelid changes and the cheek moves downward. This can result in irregularities and more pronounced “bags” and shadows that look like dark circles. Fat grafting can help here not only to reduce these findings. Fat grafting can also improve the skin texture.

Sometimes the best solution is a combination of an eyelift and fat grafting or repositioning of fat.


The temple area tends to thin as we age and fat grafting can restore a more youthful


With age the cheeks tend to migrate downward and loose volume. Fat is an option to
help restore and augment.

Nasolabial fold

This area is well suited for grafting. It is the area that many people see when they get lines around their mouth that originate from nostrils.


Fat can be used to help give volume and fill lines. Since this is an area with significant motion, the “acceptance” of the graft can be less and often we need to over fill.


fat grafting is rapidly becoming very common in breast reconstruction with newer methods improving success. Dr. Bergqvist will typically will fat graft over 50% of breast reconstructive cases. Fat grafting is used for cosmetic breast surgery now and in the past was not recommended, however, studies now show it is successful and a great option.
For men fat grafting can be used to enhance the chest and pec fullness


Fat grafting to enhance the volume and is a much better alternative than an implant. This
is also commonly known as a Brazilian Butt lift. Dr. Bergqvist spent time in San Paulo Brazil during his training on fat grafting for the body and buttocks.


Fat grafting can be used to lipo sculpt. Often done in a combination of liposuction and fat

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