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Breast Reduction Erie

Surgery to reduce the breast is a common plastic surgery procedure that normally is done to help with neck pain and strain from very large breast. This procedure is often covered by insurance if the right amount is reduced.

This procedure can be done in many ways either short or long scar format.

The shorter scar method of an incision only around the nipple with a possible extension to the breast fold is reserved for smaller reductions and if the breast does not need to be lifted much. For larger reductions a longer scar format such as the anchor incision (Wise) pattern is often needed. The inferior pedicle breast reduction is the most common of these. Dr Bergqvist normally recommend this procedure if the breast needs to be lifted more than an inch.

The required amount to remove is often determined by the Schnur scale and for an average woman at 165 lbs. resulting in at minimum removing more than 1 lbs. on each side.

Dr. Bergqvist will often reduce the lateral breast towards the axilla by suction aspiration.

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