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Tummy Tuck Erie

Abdominoplasty is the reshaping of the abdomen.

This can be done in many ways depending of the problem. Is it extra skin, extra fat or looseness of the muscles.

The normal incision is done in the bikini line. But if you have a lot of extra skin a fleur deli is done to allow extra removal of skin above the bellybutton.

Abdominoplasty by DR Bergqvist normally is a combination of skin removal liposuction and tightening of the abdominal muscles. Dr Bergqvist has very extensive experience over the last two decades and his experience pales to none of even more complex abdominal problems in need of full abdominal wall reconstruction.

Dr Bergqvist can also use noninvasive methods such as Ultrashape (more effective than Coolsculpt ) and Velashape.

Dr. Bergqvist can help correct problems after poor outcome after prior surgeries and complications from older techniques such as Coolsculpt.

Some times after in corrective surgeries from complications fat grafting is needed by itself of in combination with surgery and noninvasive methods.

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