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Mid Face Lift Erie

For most people who are considering any kind of facelift, their first step is to go to the web and research. Now days, the list can be very long about the different kinds of treatments that can help tighten skin on the face. People need to understand there are different areas of face that can be addressed- the upper facelift, mid facelift, and lower facelift. Knowing these terms can help you understand better.

Midface describes the area from the corners of your eyes to the corners of your mouth. This includes your nose, cheeks, and the area above your upper lip. The lower face includes everything below the corners of your mouth:  the nasolabial folds, laugh lines and jaw lines. In many cases the lower facelift addresses the area under the chin and the neck as well.

The term facelift is often misunderstood.  Patients tend to assume that a typical facelift treats all three of those regions of the face, but the surgery usually treats the lower 2/3 of the face everything below the tops of the ears.

An upper facelift, or brow lift, on the other hand is a separate procedure. Although it can often be performed at the same time as a facelift depending on the patient’s needs.

Which face lift is right for you?

Understanding the terminology is a great first step but ultimately getting the right type of facelift is a matter of customization. The bottom line is that if you find a skilled experienced and specialized board certified plastic surgeon they can tailor your procedure to fit your precise needs and goals keep in mind that the Surgeon should be certified by the American board of plastic and reconstructive surgery and is a member of the ASPS the American Board of Plastic Surgery .

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